Help make a dream come true for a life in Africa!

Let's Change Lives in Africa Together

“No act of kindness is ever wasted”- Aesop

Every dollar donated to a child in need is a gift and greatly appreciated by that child and their family.  What starving child would refuse a single piece of bread because it was not a full loaf of bread?  What child in rags would refuse a single outfit because it wasn’t a full wardrobe?  What child who has nothing would refuse a pencil and paper?   The answer to all of those question is that the child would not refuse the smaller gifts.  With that in mind we invite you to consider giving a single gift to a child even if you are not able to officially sponsor the child.

We have many children in our child sponsor site that would be truly grateful for any gift that you give. 

If you would like to make a donation to a specific child, please fill out the form below and simply put the child’s name on the donation form.  If you would like us to choose a child for you or simply want a boy or girl to receive the gift, please let us know below.



We welcome you sharing your gift on social media and invite your friends, family, co-workers to make a donation to a child in need too.




Can I donate offline / mail a check?

Yes, please use the following linked PDF to mail in your donation -


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